Focus: Bok Choy

Focus: Bok Choy

Asian greens are easy to grow and bok choy (white stem, grows up to 30cm in length) is no exception.

Pak Choy (green stem, grows up to 15cm in length) is a popular variant of bok choy.


Bok choy grows best in full sun for the best results and should be planted in soil which has organic fertiliser mixed in.

Featured below are seedlings that were placed in a Round Garden Bed with fresh soil at about 1cm deep. The soil already had fertiliser pre-mixed.


After 6-7 weeks, bok choy should be ready for harvest if the heads are large enough. Either remove the outer larger leaves or cut the whole plant from 2-3cm above the ground.

Enjoy in a stir fry or cooked on their own.

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